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4x4 Ambulance

Introducing our 4x4 Ambulance: Your Lifeline in Any Terrain!

Look no further! Our state-of-the-art 4x4 Ambulance is here to revolutionize emergency medical services. Whether it's rough terrains, steep hills, or off-road situations, our ambulance is built to ensure that medical care reaches those who need it the most, no matter the conditions.

Vehicle Features

Dimension (mm)

5500 x 2450 x 2170

No. of Seat

 2 seats

cargo dimension

2450 mm

5500 mm


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Vehicles Highlights

Every detail of the exterior is meticulously crafted to withstand the harshest environments. From reinforced body panels to high ground clearance, this vehicle is ready to conquer any path with confidence.

Stand out on the road with its distinctive grille, signature lighting, and attention-grabbing features that make a lasting impression.

Its robust lines and muscular contours make a statement wherever it goes, embodying its capability to take on any cargo challenge.

4x4 Ambulance

Get to know more about our 4x4 Ambulance unit by getting our brochure.

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