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Ford Transit Ambulance

Introducing the Ford Transit Ambulance: Your Ultimate Lifesaving Partner

When every second counts in a medical emergency, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Built upon Ford's legacy of durability and dependability, the Transit Ambulance ensures that healthcare professionals can focus on their crucial tasks with peace of mind.

Ford's reputation for producing reliable and durable vehicles is carried forward in the Transit Ambulance, ensuring its readiness for the toughest medical missions. Recognizing the unique needs of different medical facilities, the Ford Transit Ambulance offers customization options to tailor the vehicle's interior layout and features to your specific requirements.

Vehicle Features

Dimension (mm)

5981 x 2474 x 2850

No. of Seat

 2 seat

2850 mm


ford logo

5981 mm

Vehicles Highlights

The Ford Transit Ambulance's exterior is carefully sculpted to reduce air resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency while contributing to a modern and authoritative presence on the road.

Equipped with strategically placed LED lights, the ambulance ensures optimal visibility in all conditions. This includes front and rear light bars, side lighting, and a well-lit patient compartment for seamless nighttime operations.

Built on the Ford Transit chassis, this ambulance inherits the proven durability and ruggedness associated with Ford vehicles, ensuring it can handle the challenges of emergency response scenarios.

Carefully positioned windows offer unobstructed views for the driver and medical staff while maintaining patient privacy and security.

The streamlined roofline not only contributes to the vehicle's aesthetics but also helps reduce wind noise, making for a more comfortable ride for patients and medical personnel.

Ford Transit Ambulance

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