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Go Truck Ambulance

Introducing the Future of Emergency Medical Care: GO Truck Ambulance

Are you ready to witness a revolutionary leap in emergency medical care? Look no further than our Truck Ambulance – the cutting-edge solution that's transforming the way we respond to critical situations on the road. Discover why the Truck Ambulance is the ultimate game-changer in emergency healthcare!

Go Truck Ambulance is equipped to reach even the most remote locations with lightning speed. Whether it's a traffic accident, a natural disaster, or a medical emergency in a rural area, we're there when you need us most.

Vehicle Features


5380 mm

No. of Passenger

 2 person


hino logo.png

5380 mm

Vehicles Highlights

Go Truck Ambulance commands attention with its bold and striking presence. Its robust build and carefully crafted lines exude strength and reliability, assuring everyone that help is on the way.

The vehicle is coated in a high-visibility color scheme, making it easily recognizable, even in low-light conditions and heavy traffic. This ensures that the Truck Ambulance can swiftly and safely reach the scene of an emergency.

Go Truck Ambulance features reflective markings strategically placed along its body. These reflective elements increase visibility, especially during nighttime operations, enhancing safety for both the crew and other road users.

Equipped with a powerful array of LED emergency lights, the Truck Ambulance ensures that it can be easily spotted from a distance. These lights serve as a visual warning to clear the way and signal that help is arriving.

Go Truck Ambulance

Get to know more about our Go Truck Ambulance unit by getting our brochure.

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