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Van Ambulance

Introducing OUR Van Ambulance: Your Trusted Lifesaving Partner

When every moment counts, having a reliable and well-equipped ambulance is crucial to delivering timely medical care. With a perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and comfort, our Van Ambulance stands as a beacon of hope and a lifeline to those in need. Equipped with advanced medical devices and equipment, our Van Ambulance enables medical teams to provide immediate care on-site.

Vehicle Features

Dimension (mm)

5380 x 1880 x 2285

No. of Seats

 2 seats

2285 mm


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5380 mm

Vehicles Highlights

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our Van Ambulance's exterior boasts sleek aerodynamics that not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to fuel efficiency.

Equipped with an array of cutting-edge LED emergency lights, our Van Ambulance ensures high visibility during response missions. These strategically placed lights enhance safety for both the vehicle occupants and surrounding traffic, contributing to a safer emergency response ecosystem.

Efficient access to medical equipment and the patient compartment is crucial during emergencies.

Our Van Ambulance's exterior features strategically placed handles, ergonomic access points, and intuitive controls, all of which contribute to seamless operations during high-stress situations.

Van Ambulance

Get to know more about our Van Ambulance unit by getting our brochure.

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