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Van ambulances can be modified to accommodate medical equipment and supplies. This can include installing additional storage cabinets, securing equipment for safe transport, and creating workstations for medical personnel.

Van Ambulance

Go Truck Ambulance is designed with a customizable external configuration idea that can be placed on any base vehicle from any vehicle manufacturer to meet the needs of clients.

The interior of the ambulance has a single stretcher, attendant seats, oxygen tanks, medical storage compartments, and standard life support medical equipment. The apartment includes its own air conditioning system, as well as access to the back entrance and side windows. It has a PA system, a radio, a siren, and an emergency lightbar.

Go Truck Ambulance

4x4 Ambulance


When traditional ambulances cannot reach patients due to rough and remote terrains, our 4x4 ambulance steps in as the ultimate solution. Designed to navigate through the toughest conditions, our 4x4 ambulance is a specialized vehicle that brings medical care where it's needed most. Whether it's a disaster zone, a remote rural area, or any challenging environment, our ambulance ensures that no one is left behind when medical emergencies strike.

Go CT Scan Ambulance

Introducing our cutting-edge CT Scan Ambulance, designed to bring top-quality diagnostic imaging directly to your location. Whether you're in a remote area, a medical facility with limited imaging capabilities, or facing an emergency situation, our mobile CT scanner is here to provide quick and accurate results when you need them the most.

Ford Transit Ambulance

To facilitate access, the Ford Transit Life Support Ambulance includes a high roof, wide-opening rear swing doors, and a side sliding door. The inside surfaces of the patient area are smooth and sanitary, constructed of aluminium panels. As a result, they have outstanding noise and heat reduction properties. The flooring also contains anti-bacterial and anti-slip surfaces. It also has plenty of LED internal illumination, an outdoor work light, plenty of power outlets, and independently controlled air conditioning.

Sprinter Ambulance



The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an excellent vehicle with standard features for those who want a premium ambulance with a large interior volume and complete storage space.

Sprinter Ambulance is also equipped with a main stretcher, a patient transport stretcher, and other required equipment. At all times, all systems and components within the ambulance are in sync with one another. The Mercedes Ambulance's body is one piece. It has a low volume. Following manufacture, testing such as ambulance vibration are carried out.

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